100% Vegan Shoes for Men and Women

Our mission is to create beautiful, sustainable products that you'll be proud to wear.

The footwear industry is solely responsible for producing about 20% of the fashion industry carbon footprint. That's absolutely crazy!

In today's world, our relationship with fashion has had a collateral and significant negative impact on our planet’s resources.

As we face urgent environmental and social challenges caused by climate change and resource depletion, the efficacy of solutions will depend on the creativity, innovation and boldness so characteristic of the fashion industry.

It’s time for players to change the trajectory.

Reducing Carbon Footprint By Keeping Suppliers Close

All suppliers are located within 100 kms of our production facility.

We selected our suppliers to minimize the distance between them, ensure the use of local materials and reduce our carbon footprint.

Reducing carbon footprint

Sustainable Vegan Sneakers made from Cork

For centuries, cork has served mankind as one of the most widely used and versatile raw materials found in nature. No other natural product offers such a wide range of uses.

Cork is truly a sustainable product - it is renewable and biodegradable. Cork harvesting is an environmentally friendly process during which not a single tree is cut down.

Due to it's incredible properties, cork is a perfect material to use for vegan shoes.

Leather VS Vegan Shoes

We have made a commitment to never use animal leather in our shoes. Here's how else our cork shoes compare to leather sneakers.

Leather Sneakers
Hookes Vegan Cork Sneakers
Uses Animal skin  
Made from Cork found in Trees
Chemicals used to process leather  
Cork naturally harvested from tree
Contributes to unethical labor when mass produced
Made in a Family owned factory in a small town in Portugal
Causes approximately 30 pounds of CO2 emissions per pair of shoes
Cork trees absorb CO2; Cork oak trees in Portugal alone help offset 10 million tons of carbon every year.
3,626 gallons of water used in one pair of shoes
Uses minimal water in production and manufacturing


Together, we'll reduce the carbon footprint in the fashion industry one step at a time