Hookes Vegan Shoes

Women's Black Vegan Cork Shoes

$149 $189

100% Vegan & Sustainable Shoes

This everyday vegan sneaker is made from 100% cork and eco-friendly materials. 

Our shoes are ethically handmade in Portugal in a family owned factory. Together, we'll reduce the carbon footprint in the fashion industry one step at a time.

Delivery Date: August 2019

These shoes are currently in production. Because they are made in a small family owned factory, we can only make a handful amount every time.

Rest assured you're covered by our 110% happiness guarantee. Limited quantities available. 

Shipping & Return Policy

Free shipping for all orders. If you'd like to return a pair, you can do so within 30 days of receiving your shoes. We'll provide you with a return label. 

All Materials are 100% Sustainable


Natural Cork Upper: Sourced less than 50 kms from our production partners, our cork is sustainability harvested and following the strictest Portuguese Law 

Organic Cotton Laces: Our organic cotton laces are produced in a nearby town just 15 kms south of our production facility. 

Organic Cotton lining: The inside of the shoe is no less important than the outside. We use  organic cotton for the lining of our shoe, ensuring comfort and breathability. 

Cork Insole Footbed: We chose to use cork as our insole footbed for three reason; it's sustainable, comfortable, and its incredible natural properties allow it to be odor free.

Eco-Friendly Rubber Sole: We're proud that 70% of our sole is made from recycled materials 

Water Based Glue: We use water based glue to instead of harmful adhesives normally used when producing on a large scale

Delicately Handmade in Portugal

We’re proud to have partnered with a a family owned workshop in Portugal to help craft our shoes and bring them to life. They maintain a high standard of ethics, pay their employees fairly, and most importantly treat them like family

Most of the employees are generational shoemakers and extremely good at what they do. For them, crafting shoes is not just a job, it’s a lifelong passion.

It’s critical that our partners match our high standards, even if it means that we have to pay more for our product. We’re excited to be able to work with incredible people      

Watch How They're Made